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PT the maximum amount of the shop as attainable. Get twenty-four boxes of condoms and haphazardly place them in peoples carts after they are not trying. once 2 or 3 individuals square measure walking earlier than you, run between them, yelling, "Red Rover!" 


Hold indoor go-cart races. 2 words: "Marco Polo." once somebody steps removed from their cart to appear at one thing, quickly build off with it while not language a word. Pay off layaway fifty cents at a time. 

Funny Video

SE Asia growth Costco proclaimed plans to open its 1st retail stores in Republic of India and China. Tags on garments and stickers on things can browse, "Made Here." Hardware Tools a brief skinny guy is drinking brew and every one of a sharp another man punches him and says "Karate chop from Japan." 

Yo Mama Jokes

The short skinny guy gets up and moves away. The constant man comes once more and throws him. He then says "Judo throw from China". The short skinny guy goes out associate decreed is gone for an hour. He comes back knocks the guy out, and tells the barkeeper "When he involves, tell him a wrecking bar from Costco." 


Summer Job Dan, a school student, is home for summer break. so as to create many further greenbacks he decides that he's getting to apply for a locality vicinity section time job at the local Costco. Dan fills out the quality application and is named into the manager's workplace.

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The wild funny photos fresh pranks comical funny video comic yo mama jokes amusing  humor.